Thursday, September 24, 2015

Check - up #1 - Need to Know

Investigation Focus Questions:
Problem 1.1
1. What properties do all polygons share?
2. What properties do some sub-groups of polygons share?

Problem 1.2
1. What are some common benchmark angles?
2. What part of a full turn is each angle equal to?

Problem 1.3
1. When a drawing shows two rays with a common endpoint how many rotation angles are there?
2. How would you estimate the measure of each angle?

Problem 1.4
1. How do you measure and angle with an angle ruler and a protractor?

Problem 1.5
1. In a triangle, what measures of sides and angles give just enough information to draw a figure that is uniquely determined?

Need to Know:
1. Finding angle measurements using a protractor.
2. Properties of shapes
3. Drawing angles and polygons given specific measurements
4. Investigation Vocabulary: polygon, regular polygon, rotation. supplementary and complementary angles, obtuse and acute angles, straight angles, reflex angles, right angles
5. Correctly naming and labeling an angle

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