Thursday, September 10, 2015

Homework Expectations

Today, we talked about producing quality homework. This year, students will receive a grade for homework. However, the grade will not be based on the number right or wrong, but on the work's completion, quality, and correction/reflection. Approximately one assignment per week will be collected and contribute to an overall term homework grade.

Here is the homework descriptor that was handed out to students:

7th Grade Math Homework Expectations

1. Completion - All assigned problems have been attempted and completed with work shown.  If there are incomplete or partially completed problems, questions should be written in place of work and contact with your teacher should be made (email, face-to-face prior to or at the beginning of class).

2. Quality - Work has your name, assignment title (page number, problems and investigation), and date at the top of the page.  Work is legible and organized.  

3. Correction & Reflection - Work is not erased and corrections (if needed) are done in a different color.  At the bottom of the page rank yourself from 1- 5 (1 = not understanding the content, 5 = solid understanding of content) and write a thought about the work you completed.

  • If you did well, what was the key to your success on this work?
  • If you found the work challenging, what do you need to do to better understand the material? This is a strategy to help you get better at the material covered in class. The sooner you identify that you're finding work challenging, the sooner you're able to get the help you need.

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